REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Latest News:

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Toolkit (27/06/2018)

Please refer to this user-friendly guide to IBD for GPs and other primary care professionals.

North Somerset Map of Medicine on Remedy (19/06/2018)

Please see more information and guidance on how Map of Medicine has been added to Remedy.

Diabetic Foot Clinics in North Somerset (11.06.2018)

Details on how to refer to a podiatrist or how to access multidisciplinary foot care service in North Somerset can be found within Adults-Diabetes-Diabetes Foot Pathway within Remedy.

Bristol Shared Care and Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST) (01.06.2018)

From 1st June assessments for OST are being undertaken by DHI’s Community Recovery Service as part of Bristol ROADS. Bristol Drugs Project will continue to provide ongoing support and liaison through the Shared Care Service.

Referrals can be sent securely from email addresses by using the (legacy secure government domain) email address:

Please see the Referrals section of the Bristol Shared Care page for full referral information.

Advice & Guidance Services (22.05.2018)

A new drop-down has been added under the 'Adults' section which lists the Advice & Guidance services available on e-Referral ('Advice & Guidance for GPs' tab). Each sub-page, ordered by speciality, contains details of how to submit a request to the relevant service.

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