REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Latest News:

Exercise schemes (14/11/18)

Details of the exercise referral schemes in Bristol & North Somerset have been added to the Lifestyle Advice section of Remedy.

Cancer support (08/11/18)

There is now a Cancer Support section of Remedy which holds details of the Macmillan support services that are now available across BNSSG and the new Nutrition in Cancer Clinic

Ultrasound guidelines (07/11/18)

Guidance from the British Medical Ultrasound Society has been added to the Imaging section. UHB, NBT and WAHT Ultrasound leads recommend these guidelines.

Clinical guidelines - Parkinson's patients unable to swallow medications (06/11/18)

Clinical guidelines have been produced locally for the Management of Community based Parkinson's patients unable to swallow medications. They have been added to the Parkinson's Disease page in the Neurology section.

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