REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Latest News:

Emergency Gynae Clinic at NBT (18/10/18)

Details of the Emergency Gynaecology Clinic at Southmead have been added to Remedy. This clinic has been running for a couple of years, not from October this year as the details may imply.

Pathway and Referral Support Tool Survey (17/10/18 - 02/11/18)

We are very interested in your views on Remedy and how the pathway and referral support tool should be developed. Please take 5 minutes to complete the online survey accessed through this link

New North Somerset Wellbeing Service (11/10/18)

Details of this new service accepting referrals from 15/10/18 can be found on the IAPT Services page.

Home oxygen for people who smoke (02/10/18)

There are specific conditions which need to be met before prescribing home oxygen to people who smoke. The full policy can be viewed on the Home Oxygen Ordering page.

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