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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Clinical Biochemistry in Primary Care

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Clinical Guidelines

There are useful Clinical Guidelines for GPs on management of common biochemistry problems on the NBT website including:







Clinical Biochemistry UHB

The Clinical Biochemistry department at UHB provides a comprehensive service to UHB and surrounding GPs.

The service can be used to:

  • Discuss biochemical results with a consultant

  • Agree next steps, e.g. add-on tests to existing samples

  • Discuss potential referrals to the Pathology Day Unit, e.g. for blood transfusion, iron transfusion, water deprivation test, endocrine dynamic function tests, etc.

Advice requests should be sent to The service is manned Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm and aims to respond to emails within 24 hours.

Advice on appropriateness and interpretation of tests can be obtained from the duty biochemist:

Clinical Help desk : 0117 3423430 (adults)  or 0117 3422590 (paeds)

On call service : via BRI switch - bleep 2331.

For urgent advice or Out of Hours please contact the hospital switchboard 0117 923 0000 

Pathology Day Unit (Ambulatory care)

The pathology day unit activity now takes place in the ACU and offer a wide spectrum of procedures, such as Dynamic Function Tests (glucose tolerance test, short synacthen test, pituitary function tests, water deprivation test), blood transfusions and iron infusions.

They also offer a phlebotomy service for tests with complex sample requirements or where samples require immediate separation (e.g. Homocysteine, Gut Hormones, Renin Aldosterone Ratio).

They are currently located  on A413, Ambulatory Care Unit , level 4 of the Queens Building. The unit is open Monday -Friday from 08.00am until 20.00.

Tel: 0117-3424363.

Email referrals to:

Should you wish to discuss a specific referral, please ring Dr Bayly directly: 0117-342 2853



Clinical Biochemistry NBT

The Clinical Biochemistry Department at NBT provides a comprehensive, clinically led laboratory service for North Bristol NHS Trust and the surrounding community.

The duty biochemist can be contacted as below:

Telephone : 0117 4148437