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Nutrition in cancer

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Service overview

UHB have received new fixed term funding to support cancer pathways. As part of this project they have set up a new dietetic clinic based at South Bristol Community Hospital and is open to any patient with a cancer diagnosis.

Do you have a patient with a cancer diagnosis and do they report...

Weight loss or a poor appetite?

Weight gain associated with their treatment?

Difficulties eating when gastrointestinal symptoms or fatigue and tiredness are a problem?

Wanting to know more about healthy eating during or after cancer treatment?

Dietary changes required as a result of operations or procedures?

Anxieties or worries related to nutrition as a result of cancer?

Nutrition in Cancer Clinic - referral pathway

Where: South Bristol Community Hospital

When: Thursday afternoons - 1:30pm-4:30pm (starting from November 2018)

For further information: Contact Joanne Porter on 0117 3427360 /



Nutrition in Cancer Clinic Referral form

Referrals can be sent by post to:                                                                                                               

Joanne Porter (Cancer Transformation Dietitian),

Nutrition and Dietetics,

Adult Therapies Department,A804 ,

Bristol Royal Infirmary,

BS2 8HW,