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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Cardiac Rhythm Analysis

Checked: 31-12-2018 by katy.kearley Next Review: 31-12-2019

Specialist Advice

Local cardiologist, Ed Duncan advises:

'We still get a lot of requests from GPs and physicians for 24hr tapes when symptoms occur very infrequently. This results in a low yield and lots of work/expense. If symptoms are  infrequent and unlikely to be captured by standard ambulatory monitoring, then we would suggest the patient attends the practice or A+E during an episode for an ECG.'

Referral Guidance

Bristol Heart Institute -  use the BHI Cardiac Rhythm Analysis form (word doc) which should be sent via e-Referral requesting cardiology monitoring.

NBT - Requests for Rhythm Analysis should be sent via e-Referral requesting the arrhythmia or palpitations clinic

WAHT - use the direct access cardiac investigation form (EMIS template)