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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Rapid Access Chest Pain Services

Checked: 15-10-2018 by vicky.ryan Next Review: 01-10-2019

Service Overview - UHB

UH Bristol Rapid Access Chest Pain clinic service for people with new onset or increasing cardiac chest pain (excluding suspected acute myocardial infarction).

The clinics run every weekday morning Monday to Friday, 9-12 (last appointment 12 noon) on a first come, first-served basis using the new referral form which patients should bring with them.

Patients are asked to attend with a list of current medications and relevant past history. Following assessment in the clinic (clinical history and risk profiling), onward tests and investigations are arranged and a template letter sent to GP informing of onward plan.

This clinic is not intended for complex cardiology patient’s with multiple co-morbidities who should still be referred to general cardiology outpatient clinics.

Please see referral form (word doc) for details of other relevant quick-access clinics.

Referral Guidance - UHB

Refer using the Open Access referral form (word doc).

Please ensure all fields are completed fully and that a recent ECG is included. The form should be given to the patient to bring with them to the clinic plus a list of their current medications.

Please ensure referral form includes:

  • Patient name

  • Date of birth

  • Current address

  • Current phone number

  • NHS number

  • Registered GP

  • GP contact telephone number

Service Overview - NBT

Conditions treated are new onset of cardiac sounding chest pain within 8 weeks. Exclusion criteria are acute myocardial infarction and unstable angina. Procedures performed are exercise testing, echocardiography and electrocardiogram. Suggested investigations prior to referral are routine bloods, urinalysis and electrocardiogram.

NBT Rapid Access Chest Pain Service

Referrals should be sent via or ICE or E-Referral.

Referral Guidance - NBT

Refer using the Rapid Access Chest Pain Service Proforma.

This clinic is suitable for patients with new onset of cardiac sounding chest pain within 8 weeks excluding Acute MI or unstable angina.  Suggested investigations prior to referral are routine bloods, urinalysis and electrocardiogram.  Whilst details of relevant investigations are extremely useful, please do not delay the referral in order to perform tests that have not already been done.

Wherever possible all referrals to The Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic at North Bristol Trust go via e-Referral.  Therefore if referral is indicated to one of the chest pain clinics at North Bristol Trust the GP should reinforce the importance to the patient in the consultation of ringing to book their appointment as soon as possible once the patient receives their e-Referral paperwork.

If a referral is urgent and using e-Referral to process the referral would be detrimental to the patient's care then the clinic does accept urgent referrals via fax on: 0117 414 9400. The referral will be delivered to the Outpatients department in this case


Service Overview - WGH

This service is for patients with new onset cardiac sounding chest pain within 2 week rapid access chest pain clinic criteria.

Exclusions include: acute MI, unstable angina (refer to ED) or deteriorating angina (refer to cardiology)

Referral Guidance - WGH

Referrals should be made via eReferral using the WAHT RACPC Referral form which is available as an EMIS template