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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Fracture Liaison Service

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Service Overview

The service is designed to identify new patients of 50 years and over who have sustained a possible fragility fracture. Those under 75 years old will be offered a DXA scan to assess bone health and clinically reported scan results will be sent to the patient`s GP with advice on further management. The service will assess both men and women with relatively low energy injuries (equivalent to fall from head height or less).We aim to perform scans within 3 months of presentation.

Please see the following sections of Remedy for further advice:

Osteoporosis Management

Osteoporotic Vertebral Fracture

Referral Guidance

Any patient of 50 and over who has sustained a fracture as a result of a relatively low energy injury but has not attended UHBristol or North Bristol Trust, i.e. those who have sustained a fracture and have been initially treated outside Bristol. Referrals can be made either by phoning or emailing the Fracture Liaison Service.  Please include the age of the patient, type of fracture and if a DXA scan has been undertaken previously (please give date).

Contact Details

Southmead Hospital

FLS Nurse: Sarah Holden, tel 0117 414 1691,

FLS Consultant: Dr Karen Harding, tel 0117 414 1607,

Bristol Royal Infirmary

FLS Nurse: Cathy Churchman, tel 0117 342 1319, fax 0117 342 3378,

FLS Consultant: Dr Rachel Bradley, tel 0117 342 1563,