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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Movement Disorders

Checked: 24-03-2017 by Rob.Adams Next Review: 25-08-2017

Service Overview

Care of the Elderly led services are available via eRS at UHB and NBT and will accept referrals of any patient over age of 40 years with movement disorder/ suspected Parkinson's disease. The service will review:

  • Any new patients with suspected movement disorder.

  • Older patients and multi-morbid patients.

  • Patients with known Parkinson’s who are developing complications and would benefit from holistic care, particularly closer to home.

Please also refer to the Parkinson's Disease section of Remedy which includes advice on local nurse led services.

UHB Service - refer to the Movement Disorders Clinic Information


Referrals should be make via eRS requesting the movement disorder clinic.