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Rapid Assessment Clinic for Older People - UHB & NBT

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RACOP Clinics - Bristol

Rapid Assessment Clinics for Older People (RACOP) provide a one stop rapid assessment & treatment for frail elderly patients (60 and older) in Bristol who need to be seen in a short time frame, or who are deteriorating without cause

The can help to support GPs in managing frail older patients.

RACOP clinics run at South Bristol Community Hospital and Cossham Hospital.

North Bristol - see the Cossham Hospital Website for guidance on accessing the RACOP service. This is a consultant led service with access to same day diagnostics. 

South Bristol - see the South Bristol Community Hospital RACOP flyer. This is a consultant led service (Dr Theresa Allain) with multidisciplinary (physio and OT) support.

Referral Guidance

Cossham Hospital - Referrals should be made by telephone: 0117 414 6446 or by contacting the Consultant of the day on 07738 859048 or email referral to

South Bristol Community Hospital - Referrals should be made via email to: This email can also be used to ask for advice if patients don't need to be seen in clinic or would find it difficult to attend. Referrals can be made by GPs or other clinicians if patient's GP has agreed to referral.

For both services please provide a clear referral letter including:

  • The clinical question(s) being asked.

  • A concise history of the presenting complaint(s).

  • A summary of past medical history.

  • A list of current medication including any adverse reactions/ allergies.

  • A copy of recent bloods and other relevant investigations.