REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Primary Care Dermatology Services

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Primary Care Dermatology Service - Bristol

This service is only available to patients registered with a GP in the Bristol area

The Bristol Community Health Dermatology Service is comprised of specialist dermatology nurses and GPs with a specialist interest in dermatology who offer diagnosis, treatment and education on long-term skin conditions to the whole Bristol area. The service is based in four clinics.

For further information including the service’s referral form please visit the Bristol Community Health - Dermatology website.

Referral Guidance - Bristol

Referrals should include a detailed past and present medical history including all medication, topical treatments and investigations.  For full details on the service, including details referral criteria, see the Bristol Community Health - Dermatology website.

The service does not treat skin cancers. These should be referred directly to secondary care. The service do not prescribe Roaccutane for acne. Referrals must submitted on the Referral Form to GPSI or Nurses.

Specialist Nurse Service - South Gloucestershire

This service is only available to South Gloucestershire practices.

This service allows alternative route of referral for adult patients with eczema, psoriasis and scabies. The service aims to enable the client to self-manage their condition effectively via intensive support and education over a short time period both in the clinic and, if appropriate, at home.

Providing a holistic approach to care, the service accepts referrals directly from GPs within the S Glos PCT, GPSIs in dermatology and consultant dermatologists.

See the guidelines provided by the Dermatology Specialist Nurse for full details

Referral Guidance - Specialist Nurse Service

Referral Criteria:

Confirmed diagnosis of eczema, psoriasis or scabies and related scalp conditions.

  • Age 14 years and above only

  • Would previously have been referred to secondary care or GPSI in dermatology.

  • Education and advice re self management of chronic skin condition required

See the guidelines provided by the Dermatology Specialist Nurse for full details.

Contact the service using the following:

Yate Locality Office:

21 West Walk Yate, Bristol, BS37 4AX

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm

01454 315 355

Downend Clinic (locality office)

Buckingham Gardens, Downend, Bristol, BS16 5TW

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm

0117 330 2521                        

Teledermatology - Bristol & North Someset

This service is available only to Bristol and North Somerset GP Practices.

The Teledermatology service enables GPs to receive diagnostic and management advice from consultant dermatologists for patients who would otherwise have been referred to secondary care.

The aim of the service is to reduce the number of inappropriate routine adult dermatology referrals to secondary care, and increase the number of patients whose dermatology condition is managed in primary care.

The Teledermatology system is provided by Vantage Diagnostics, and the review of the referrals is provided by UHB dermatology consultants.  All practices in Bristol have been provided with training and equipment to use the service.

Teledermatology referrals can be sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using the internet based referral system. The response by the reviewing Consultant Dermatologist will be returned to the practice within three working days.

Referral Guidance - Teledermatology

This service is available only to Bristol and North Somerset GP Practices.

The service works by the GP practice sending an electronic referral including images of the patients’ dermatological condition and medical history, using an internet based referral system. The electronic referral is reviewed by the dermatology consultants, who will return a report including diagnostic and management advice to the GP Practice within three working days. Please see below documents for further information on referral criteria and guidelines.