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Diabetes Structured Education

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Service Overview - Bristol Community Health

This service is only available to patients registered with a GP in the Bristol area

The Bristol Community Health Diabetes and Nutrition Service provide a range of free education courses around Bristol for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, to support patients to learn more about their condition and how to manage it. Please visit the Diabetes education course website for further information on the sessions that are run and how to refer.

Please also see the Bristol Community Health - Diabetes and Nutrition Service website for more information on Diabetes services available to patients in the Bristol area.

Service overview - North Somerset

At diagnosis, all those with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes should be:

  • given a copy of the Purple Diabetes Information Pack

  • referred to the 'Living with Diabetes' group education programme.This programme is a one day course delivered by trained educators at venues throughout the North Somerset area on a regular basis. After referral, patients will recieve an invitation letter to ring the education office to discuss the date and venue that would be most convenient for them to attend. For people who are housebound, contact the diabetes education team to discuss available options.

  • Referrals are accepted for those who have been diagnosed for up to 12 months. Patients can also self-refer, and the referral form will be sent to their doctor to complete.

The two education programmes available for patients with type 2 diabetes are:

Living with Diabetes;

Based on national standards, this is for people who have been newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes (within the last 12 months). This is a one day course. The course is held in community based settings across North Somerset.

Referral to NSCP 'Diabetes Education is done via EMIS Managed referrals.

Can I eat bananas?;

For people with Type 2 diabetes who have started on Insulin treatment. This is a one day course. The ‘Can I Eat Bananas?’ course will help you to understand:

  • What diabetes is
  • What care you can expect from your healthcare team, including what is checked at an annual review
  • Glycaemic index …is it gobbledygook?
  • Which foods affect blood glucose levels
  • Foods which help and foods which hinder
  • What makes a healthy diet and how to lose weight
  • How to make changes to lifestyle
  • How lifestyle affects blood pressure

Referral to NSCP 'Diabetes Education is done via EMIS Managed referrals.

For further information please contact the NSCP Specialist Nurses Diabetes service on;


Tel: 01934 527114