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Neuropathic Pain - UHB

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Principles of Management

There are guidelines on the management of neuropathic pain in Clinical Knowledge Summaries.

There is a diabetic neuropathy service run by Professor David Wynick for UHBristol at Central Health Clinic and is for patients with moderate to severe diabetic neuropathic pain resistant to conventional therapies.


Referral Guidance

It is expected that patients referred to the clinic will have tried and failed two or more therapies with appropriate dose-titration, minimising side-effects and thus allowing a therapeutic dose to be achieved.

Please provide details in the referral letter of all analgesic medications tried to date, maximum doses achieved and whether they were discontinued due to lack of efficacy and/or side-effects.

Referrals from all primary care GPs will be accepted. The service is on E-Referrals and needs to be booked as Pain management but will be moved to neuropathic pain as required.

Should you have any queries then please contact the Clinic Co-Ordinator on 0117 342 7582