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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Nutrition & Dietetics

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Service Overview - Bristol Community Health

Please note that this service is now available to all patients registered with a Bristol GP practice.

The Bristol Community Health dieticians provide nutrition advice to people who have conditions such as:

  • Diabetes

  • Irritable bowel syndrome - first line advice only

  • Food intolerances

  • Anaemia

  • Malnutrition and nutritional deficiencie

They also provide nutrition advice on other conditions.

The Diabetes and Nutrition dietitians run specific group education sessions for people with irritable bowel syndrome as well as carbohydrate awareness sessions for people with Type 1 diabetes. Patients and healthcare professionals can contact the team for more information on these courses.

Please see the Bristol Community Health - Diabetes and Nutrition Service website for more information and the referral criteria.

Dietetics - North Somerset Community Partnership

Must be registered with a North Somerset GP and aged over 18years

Advice and support on the dietetic needs of people (in their normal place of residence and NSCH), at high risk of malnutrition (MUST ≥2) and/or those with pressure ulcer/s grade 3-4

The community dietetics service also provides advice and practical support to North Somerset Community Hospital (NSCH)

The Community Nutrition Support service delivers care under the leadership of specialist dietitians who look after the dietetic needs of housebound adult patients.


Referrals - North Somerset

Monday - Friday, excluding BHs

08.30 - 16.30 hrs

Referrals via the electronic referral form found by accessing the NSCP website:

All patients must be referred with an up to date Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool score (MUST). MUST can be used by any professional in any setting without specific training.

Nutrition & Dietetics - South Glos

Please note that this service is only available to patients who are registered with a GP in the South Gloucestershire area

The Sirona Care & Health Nutrition & Dietetics Service work in the community and in hospitals to help people make dietary changes to prevent and treat nutrition relates disease, including:

  • Malnutrition

  • Diabetes

  • Gastrointestinal disorders

  • Food intolerances and allergies

  • Cancer

  • Swallowing difficulties

  • Weight management

They offer tailored advice and treatment to help improve patients health and lifestyle, either in a group session or on an individual basis. They also provide some nutrition training to healthcare professionals and work closely with other professionals to provide care in the community.

Referral Guidance - South Glos

Refer using the Community Dietitians referral form.

Referrals to this service can be made by GPs or other healthcare professionals to the following address:

Nutrition & Dietetics Service

Yate Westgate Centre (Locality Office)

21 West Walk



BS37 4AX

Tel: 01454 315 355 (option 2)

Dietetics - UHB

This service is provided by UHBristol. For details on accessing this service please see the referral criteria for the UHBristol Primary Care Adult Dietetic Service (South & West Bristol) (word doc).

Refer using the service's standard referral form (word doc)