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Bristol Shared Care

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Service Overview

Bristol ROADS (Recovery Orientated Alcohol &Drugs Service) provides free and confidential advice, support and treatment for adults with problematic alcohol and drug use.

ROADS is a partnership between BDP (Bristol Drugs Project), DHI (Developing Health & Independence) and AWP (Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust).

The Shared Care treatment service is a partnership between GPs, who prescribe substitute medication and other clinical services such as blood borne virus testing and treatment, pharmacists providing supervised consumption of controlled medication, OST assessment workers from DHI’s Community Recovery Service and Shared Care Workers from BDP who provide holistic support through regular appointments to enable individuals to make positive changes.

The Shared Care service can now also support patients with mild to moderate alcohol dependence to detox within primary care.

The GP and Pharmacy element of the service is subject to Public Health Service agreements which are managed through Bristol City Council’s Substance Misuse Team.


If you are a looking to support someone to access Shared Care please download the ROADS Primary Care Referral Form and send it to the Community Recovery Service (DHI).

Please note that for referrals of patients with drug dependence, a urine drug screen must be sent (request on ICE) as a prerequisite to starting treatment. Blood borne virus testing and immunisation for hepatitis B should be arranged.

Referral Contacts:

Secure email from accounts

Fax: 0117 9166 593

Post: DHI, Brunswick Court, Brunswick Square, BS2 8PE

ROADS referral enquiries (DHI): Tel: 0117 440 0540 (For new referrals - Open Monday – Friday: 9am – 8pm and Saturday: 9am – 1pm)

Shared Care enquiries (BDP): Tel: 0117 987 6017 (For patients already in treatment)


Referral Guidance & Criteria

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Aged 18 and over

  • Patients whose main presenting problem is opiate use.

  • Patients with mild to moderate alcohol dependence able to be detoxed in 4-6 weeks within Primary Care.

Shared Care Drug Dependence – Operational Guidance

Bristol PCT - Benzodiazepine Guidelines

SMMGP - Benzodiazepine Guidance

Naltrexone Prescribing - Primary Care Policy


BDP – ROADS Treatment Team Manager Steve Jackson

Tel: 0117 987 6019

DHI – ROADS Community Recovery Service (referrals and assessments)

Bristol CRS Manager Kevin Peltonen-Messenger

Tel: 0117 916 6588

Substance Misuse Commissioning Lead

Jody Clark

Tel: 0117 9222311