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St Peters Hospice

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St Peter’s Hospice is a Bristol charity caring for adults with life-limiting illnesses. They aim to improve the quality of their living and dying while extending care and support to their families and loved ones.

All Hospice services are free of charge to everyone.

Patients can be referred by their GP, District Nurse or hospital Palliative Care team for help with controlling pain and unpleasant symptoms, for information and for ongoing support and advice.

The St Peters Hospice website has Information for Healthcare Professionals


Clinical Guidelines

Local Clinical Guidelines can be found on the St Peters Hospice website.

24-hour specialist palliative care advice is available by calling the advice line on 0117 915 9430.


Please access the Referral System on the hospice website which includes downloadable referral forms.

Fatigue and breathlessness

St Peter's Hospice Fatigue and Breathlessness Management Course, is a five-week course to enable patients to manage their fatigue and breathlessness more effectively and regain a sense of control.

The sessions last approximately two hours, and will consist of discussion time and gentle group exercise and relaxation.

The referral form for this service can be found on the link in the referral section above.