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ENT HOT Clinic

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HOT clinic

The ENT team at St Michaels Hospital offer a rapid access (HOT) clinic for urgent ENT problems not requiring admission.

Examples of conditions they will see include:

Acute unilateral sensorineural deafness or sudden onset or rapid worsening of hearing loss in one or both ears which is not explained by external or middle ear causes.

Nasal trauma/fracture within last 2 weeks (after this time manipulation is not appropriate and patients can only be referred to outpatient clinic if they meet criteria laid out in the Nasal Treatment policy and prior approval has been obtained).

Recurrent/persistent epistaxis where admission is not required and treatment in primary care has been unsuccessful. See Recurrent Epistaxis section for details.

Otitis externa (severe) not responding to topical treatment in primary care.




Referrals for HOT clinic can be made via email: .

(There is no secure email available at present but we have been advised that if you add [secure] at the start of the subject field that this will encrypt the email you send)


If you also wish for advice, you can contact the on-call ENT Registrar at St Michaels Hospital via UHB switch (GP direct line is 921 4858). The ENT on-call SHO should only be contacted about potential admissions.