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Dyspareunia and vaginismus

Please refer to the guidelines for the management of Dyspareunia (word doc) produced by Dr Rachel Brown, Gynaecology GPSI (Montpelier Health Centre)


Appropriate referral for treatment of dyspareunia depends on the underlying cause - see link to document above.

Psychological treatments are available via the Sexual Health Clinic.

Surgery may be required in the following circumstances:

  • Pelvic pathology such as masses, chronically infected tubes, endometriosis, adhesions - refer via eRS
  • Removal of sensitive scar tissue bridge can be highly effective when there is pain following episiotomy. Please note- episiotomy/perineal tear scar revision greater than 12 months following delivery is not routinely commissioned and requires individual funding. See the Female Genetalia Surgery section for details.
  • Fenton's operation (to enlarge a tight introitus) may help.
  • Ventrosuspension to 'correct' a retroverted uterus in an anteverted position is occasionally proposed but it is not known if it is effective as there are no randomised controlled trials of this procedure.