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Advice and Guidance Service - UHB

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Haematology Advice and Guidance is provided by UHB and WGH and can be accessed via eReferral.

Before requesting advice, please refer to the Haematology Guidelines for Primary Care produced by the UHB haematologists as this document may be able to give an answer to your question.

You may also find the Haematology 2WW guidelines helpful for advice on referral of suspected malignancy.

Please note that as of 15th January 2018, Advice & Guidance requests will no longer be processed by the referral service. All requests can now be submitted directly to the one of the Haematology Advice & Guidance services above using eReferral.



Requesting Advice

All requests for Advice and Guidance should be submitted by eReferral.

Please see BRS A&G Guidance Document for information on how to make an advice request via e-Referral.