REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Urgent Hepatology Service - NBT

Checked: 18-07-2018 by Rob.Adams Next Review: 18-07-2019

Overview and Referral Criteria

NBT have created a new directory of service via e-referrals to facilitate urgent outpatient appointments. Once the patient has been referred, and accepted if they fulfil the urgent criteria, they will be offered an appointment within 4 weeks. This service may also be appropriate for some patients who would otherwise be admitted to hospital.

These are the criteria for the service:

Decompensated cirrhosis (cirrhosis with ascites +/- encephalopathy +/- coagulopathy)

ALT > 1000 U/L

Bilirubin  > 100 umol/L

Imaging suggestive of hepato-pancreatic-biliary malignancy


To access the above service please submit via eReferral and request the NBT Urgent Hepatology Service.

This service is available via a RAS so that referrals will be triaged in secondary care and returned if criteria are not met.