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Radiology Guidelines for Primary Care

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Clinical Guidance

See the local Guidelines for primary care (word doc), on direct access imaging.

Guidance indicates the recommended appropriate diagnostic testing for back, shoulder, knees, small joint, soft tissue "swellings", brain and sinus.  The intention is to provide advice and guidance in order to help GPs reduce the occurrence of unnecessary or inappropriate direct access referral for imaging.

We are working with local radiologists to be able to provide more comprehensive guidelines which we will publish here when available.

In the mean time you can access national guidelines produced by the Royal College of Radiologists on iRefer. Click on the link and then if  you are on an N3 connection you should be able to click on the green box - log in automatically -  to take you to the guidelines without needing a password.

UHB Radiology Queries

For radiology queries at UBHT please email directly for advice:

For up to date copies of UHB radiology request forms, please see the UHB referral forms section.

NBT Radiology Queries

For radiology queries at NBT please email directly for advice: 

Alternatively contact GP queries advice on: 0117 414 9110

There are also further contact details on the NBT website

Patient information leaflets

Please download the relevant patient information leaflets for instructions on how to get direct access to radiology: