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Learning Disabilities Teams

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Service Overview - Bristol

This service is only available to patients registered with a GP in the Bristol area

The Community Learning Disabilities Team (CLDT) provide specialist health services directly to people with learning disabilities. They are a centre of expertise, linking and liaising with other services and offering support and training on how to work with people who have a learning disability and how to make reasonable adjustments. They work closely with GPs to make sure that people with learning disabilities are offered annual health checks and health screening.

The CLDT see people in the community including day centres, work places, and home, college or health venues. They also run some clinics and therapy groups and sessions from their team bases.

See the Bristol Community Health - Community Learning Disabilities Team website for further information on the service and how to refer.

Service Overview - South Gloucestershire

This service is only available to patients who are registered with a GP in the South Gloucestershire area.

The Sirona Care & Health Learning Difficulties Team work with people with learning difficulties to identify services and activities which may be appropriate.  They will agree and plan any activities or involvement of other services with the person and , where appropriate, will include anyone who is significant in the lives of the person.

Refer to the Sirona Care & Health - Learning Difficulties Team website for further information.

Referral Guidance - South Gloucestershire

Referrals are to be made on the Learning Difficulties Team Referral Form (word doc) and to be returned to:

South Gloucestershire
Community Learning Difficulties Team
Church House
1 Church Road

BS16 4RH

Tel: 0300 124 5888

Fax number: 0300 124 5249

Service Overview - North Somerset

This service is only available to patients who are registered with a GP in the North Somerset area.

The Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD) is a joint team of Health and Social Care Professionals. We provide a service for adults with learning disabilities and their carers living in North Somerset. We aim to help people with learning disabilities to have the same chances as anyone else and lead a full and interesting life. We encourage people with learning disabilities to live independently by promoting:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Supported Living
  • Employment and Training
  • Person Centred Planning
  • Social and Leisure Activities
  • To request a service from our team please complete a referral form.An assessment will take place to see if an individual is eligible for our services

Eligibility: A person with a 'learning disability' may be deemed as eligible for services from the CTPLD if they: 

  • Have a significantly reduced ability to understand new or more complex information or to learn new skills. A person's IQ is not the only defining factor, but those with an IQ below 70 would be considered for the purpose of this definition. And
  • have a significantly reduced ability to cope independently, ie. they have impaired personal and social skills (for example: with communication, self-care, daily living skills, use of community resources, health and safety, leisure or work) And
  • has a disability that started before adulthood (18 yrs) with a lasting effect on their development People eligible to access services from the CTPLD as it is defined here does not include people with:
  • acquired brain damage leading to the loss of the ability to understand new or more complex information or to learn new skills (eg. victims of RTA)
  • social/communication disorders of people who are of average or above average intelligence
  • a specific learning difficulty which is more broadly defined in education legislation (eg. dyslexia)
  • a primary disorder and support needs that are related to alcohol and drug misuse, sensory impairment, psychiatric illness or physical impairment
  • a learning disability which is as a result of environmental / emotional circumstances eg. emotional trauma, abuse, limited educational opportunities. People in these situations may be subject to further clinical assessment/opinion
  • needs that can best be met by other services. In these circumstances the CTPLD may assist people to access services and support from these other avenues.

 See the NSCP - Learning Disabilities Team website for further information

Referral guidance - North Somerset

The referral form is available as an EMIS template and should be sent to:

Referral Administrator: CTPLD, Castlewood (Post Point 10), Tickenham Road, Clevedon, BS21 6F

The team can be contacted on:

Tel: 01934 427600