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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Parkinson's Disease

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See the CKS Parkinson's Disease page for advice on management of suspected and confirmed Parkinson's Disease.

If Parkinson's Disease is suspected the BNSSG Referral Service suggest that referrals should be sent via eRS to the Movement Disorder Clinics which are run by the Care of the Elderly Teams. This is often a quicker route to diagnosis and treatment than the neurology service which usually has longer waits.

The Parkinson's UK website also has information and support for patients and a professional resources section includes links to useful information and learning hub.

Parkinson's Disease Nurses

For management of patients with known Parkinson's Disease in the community, then the community CNS services can be accessed as below:



Bristol Community Health provide a Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist who can give information, advice and support for people with Parkinson’s and for the carers, families and healthcare professionals involved in their care.

Please refer to the Bristol Community Health - Parkinson's Nurse Specialist website for further information.#

The BCH Parkinson's Service Update  . Also new referral address North Bristol and ICE practices.

South Gloucetershire

The Sirona Care & Health Parkinson's Nurse Specialist service is for adults over the age of 18 years with Parkinson’s or Parkinsonism who have been diagnosed by a specialist Consultant and who are registered with a GP practice within South Gloucestershire and some areas of Mendip (please contact the service for details).

The Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist offers:

  • Telephone support and medication advice for patients and their carers

  • Home visits to the housebound patient inclusive of nursing & care homes

  • Informal information group sessions for the newly diagnosed patient

  • In reach to the community hospitals for patients with a Parkinson’s related problem

  • Multi-disciplinary working and liaison

  • Follow up clinic appointments with the nurse specialist and clinical assessments for the Parkinson’s patient

  • A source of local information and signposting for people with Parkinson’s

Please refer to the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist website for more information on the service


Contact the service using the following details:

Downend Clinic (locality office)

Buckingham Gardens, Downend, Bristol, BS16 5TW

Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday 9am – 4pm

0117 3302 521

North Somerset

Please see the MOM pathway which has been copied to Remedy and provides details of the services in North Somerset.


End-Stage Parkinson's Disease

CKS has some guideline on recognising and managing End-Stage Parksinson's Disease .

Difficulty swallowing medication can be an issue in these patients and BCH and local clinicians have produced clinical guidelines for the Management of Community based Parkinson's patients unable to swallow medications.

Hospice services may also be appropriate for support with end of life care.