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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways


Checked: 22-11-2017 by Rob.Adams Next Review: 22-11-2018


NBT has a neurosurgical department. This is usually a tertiary referral unit and therefore does not usually accept referrals directly from GPs. There is now however access to neurosurgery clinics via eReferral and these are described in the directory of services of eRS. Please note that many of these clinics are Referral Assessment Services (RAS) so referals may be returned to referrer if not appropriate.

Patients with suspected cranial or spinal trauma should usually be referred to the local Accident and Emergency Department for imaging prior to onward referral if necessary.

Patients with suspected cancer should be referred via the Brain and CNS 2WW pathway.

Patients for other neurosurgical procedures will normally be referred from other secondary care specialties or MATS

The service provides all aspects of Neurosurgical practice, including:

  • Cranial & Spinal Trauma

  • Neuro-Oncology

  • Complex Skull Base Surgery

  • Complex Cerebro-Vascular Surgery

  • Epilepsy Surgery

  • Pituitary Surgery

  • Spinal Surgery Including Spinal Tumors

  • Neuro-modulation For Pain

  • Neuro-modulation For Movement Disorders Including Parkinson’s Disease

  • Surgery For Trigeminal Neuralgia

  • Paediatric Neurosurgery

  • Surgery For Hydrocephalus

  • Neuro-Endoscopy




Neuro-oncology (BNOG) Referrals

Head Injury Therapy Unit (HITU)