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Community Therapy - Bristol Community Health

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Service Overview

Bristol Community Health’s Community Therapy teams are locality based teams (North, East and South Bristol) that provide home based rehabilitation and therapy intervention for any patient over 18 years old with a Bristol GP. The team is made up of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, therapy assistants, community mental health nurses and speech and language therapists.

The Community Therapy Team service is mainly accessed by people who require assistance in managing the effect of their long term conditions, but can extend to any adult who would be unable to attend an outpatient appointment for health reasons. For example:

  • People who are having difficulty walking.
  • People who are having difficulty completing their activities of daily living (such as washing and dressing).

The Community Therapy Beds are often a “step down” option for people who have been in hospital. These people no longer require hospital care, but need a period of goal focused rehabilitation to enable them to return home safely. It can also be a “step up”, for people who are not medically unwell but who would benefit from a period of intensive rehabilitation following a period of ill health or injury.

Exclusion criteria guide

Due to increasing demand on the Bristol Community Health Community Therapy teams they have produced an exclusion criteria guide’ to provide you with more clarity around referrals that they are unable to accept, with suggestions of other routes of referral.  

Referral guidance

Referrals should be made to the Community Discharge Co-ordination Centre (CDCC) using the CDCC referral form (word doc).

For more information or to make a referral please contact:

Tel: 0117 342 6667

The service is for anyone over the age of 18 who is registered with a Bristol GP.