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BHOC Acute Care

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Service Overview

This is an emergency assessment unit for adult oncology patients who are currently receiving treatment at BHOC.  The unit is nurse-led and managed by an advanced nurse practitioner.  This service is specifically aimed at patients who are known to the BHOC and experiencing the side effects of their treatment.

Patients will be given a telephone number (0117 342 2011) to contact with queries/emergencies which will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They will be triaged and assessed accordingly, with a decision to admit to hospital made within 4 hours.  Patients can self-refer via the 24 hour emergency telephone service.

The service will also help health professionals in primary care, providing access to timely and expert advice on the management of symptoms and information to help make the right choice in terms of onward referral.  Healthcare professionals can refer patients via face to face, telephone (0117 342 2011) or bleep.

Useful Links

See the BHOC Acute Care web page for further details.