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Clinical/Spinal Assessment Treatment Service - South Gloucestershire

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Service Overview

The CATS and SATS service is aimed at people who have persistent pain due to a musculoskeletal problem such as osteoarthritis or joint pain, or for people with spinal symptoms such as back pain or sciatic pain.

The service is for patients who have not responded to normal GP care such as pain relief and physiotherapy.

Please also consider INNF policies for orthopaedics prior to referral.


Pre-operative optimisation

If there is a possibility that a patient may need surgery as an outcome of their referral then consider the Pre-op assessment guidelinesMany routine operations are cancelled due to modifiable pre-operative conditions including poorly controlled diabetes, poorly controlled hypertension, iron deficiency anaemia and other conditions. Pre- operative optimisation in primary and secondary care can help to reduce cancellations and improve operation outcomes.

Referral Guidance - South Gloucestershire

Contact the service at:

Cossham Hospital

Lodge Road, Bristol BS15 1LF

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm

0117 340 8448

Thornbury Hospital

Eastland Road, Bristol, BS35 1DN

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm

0117 340 8448