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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Bristol Community Health

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Service Overview

The Bristol Community Health Podiatry Service provides a specialist role in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot problems for those registered with a Bristol GP. Access to this service is only for those with complex medical conditions which puts the lower limb at ‘high risk’ of complications.

High risk is defined ‘as those people of any age that have a foot problem combined with an underlying medical condition that is affecting the circulation and/or sensation in the lower leg or foot which may put them at risk of hospitalisation leading to amputation.’

For further details including referral criteria, referral forms and patient guide please go to the BCH Podiatry webpage

Ingrown toenails

For information on how to manage Ingrown toenails please see the Ingrown Toenail section of Remedy. Referrals for infected ingrown toe nails can be referred urgently using either of the forms in the Referral section below.



Most referrals for podiatry should now go via the BCH managed referral system using their standard MSK SPA referral form - this form can pre-populate if downloaded onto your EMIS system (see weblink above)

Urgent and High risk referrals may require a separate form also available on the BCH website.



Diabetes Foot Problems

For information on patients with diabetic foot problems please go to the Diabetes Foot Pathway section of Remedy.


Patients with the following foot conditions, with no medical risk (low risk) or dependency, will not be eligible for NHS podiatry treatment:

  • Toe nail cutting

  • Treatment of fungal nails

  • Treatment of fungal skin infections

  • Verrucae

  • Corns

  • Callus

Non- NHS providers

Contact details of alternative foot care providers:


  • Foot health practitioners – type ‘Bristol foot health professionals’ into internet search engine to get list of individuals in Bristol. No central contact. 



Diabetic Foot Pathway

Urgent Podiatry Pathway

High Risk Pathway