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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways


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Asthma guidelines

NICE Guidelines were last updated in November 2017 and are summarised in CKS:

Clinical Knowledge Summaries


BTS/SIGN Guidelines  (Quick Reference Guide) were last updated in September 2016. The next update is due in 2019.


For advice on management of asthma in children please see the Paediatric Respiratory section of Remedy.


Prescribing Guidelines in Asthma

There are local Asthma Prescribing Guidelines for Adults on the BNSSG formulary.


If asthma is uncontrolled despite optimal management in primary care or if high dose corticosteroid treatment is required then referral to secondary care should  be considered.

Secondary care services are available at UHB, NBT and WGH via eReferral.