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HOT Clinics

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Service Overview - NBT

The Respiratory Hot Clinic is an admission prevention clinic for respiratory patients. Once a referral is made, the patient will be seen within 24 hours on a same day/next day service.  They will be seen by the Hot Clinic Facilitator and Respiratory physician in clinic and, if possible, be discharged back to the community within the same day.  The service is supported by Respiratory Specialist Nurses who provide home support during the patient's acute illness.

The service runs from Gate 12 on the Southmead Site from 08:00- 17:00 hrs. Referrals received where patient is able to arrive by 14.30am will be seen the same day, otherwise next day service. 

A Respiratory Consultant is available to discuss referrals or offer advice on 07713 391079 Monday to Friday 10am–5pm.

If you need advice about a potential or known pleural patient, please contact the pleural clinical registrar of the day on 07894 803088.

Referral Guidance - NBT

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Faxed referral from a community health care professional for patient threatening admission with a respiratory cause 

  • Patient must be available to be seen within 24 hours of referral

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Suspected lung cancer in well patient to be referred via '2-week wait, fast track' 

  • Patients who cannot attend within 24 hours

  • Patients who are referred on a Friday and cannot be seen the same day will be put back in the care of the referring health care professional.  They can be advised to either admit or re-refer the next week if still concerned about the patient's condition

Referral forms (word doc) to be faxed to: 0117 414 9451. The service runs Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. Please ensure the patient's contact telephone number is included in the referral form. They will be contacted by phone to give them an appointment time.

Referrals received where patient is able to arrive by 14.30am will be seen the same day otherwise next day service.

Referrals will be screened by a Specialist Respiratory Nurse or Respiratory Physician prior to accepting/declining.  Where patients cannot be seen, the referring health care professional will be informed and the responsibility of care taken back by them.



Service Overview - UHB

The urgent respiratory assessment clinic (hot) has been set up to provide rapid assessment for adult patients with respiratory symptoms that the GP feels requires urgent attention. These patients are generally threatening admission to hospital. This may be patients with COPD, bronchiectasis, pulmonary fibrosis and pneumonia

Referral Guidance - UHB

Inclusion Criteria

  • Any adult patient with acute respiratory symptoms who is threatening admission

Exclusion criteria:

  • Suspected lung cancer – please refer via ‘2 week wait fast track’

  • Suspected TB – please refer to specialist TB clinic

  • Pts where respiratory problem is not a primary concern eg cardiac breathlessness

  • Pts who are haemodynamically unstable

  • Pts with established or new onset confusion.

 Referrals should be made using the Hot Clinic Referral Form (word doc).

Referrals received by 11.30am, where the patient is able to arrive by 12.30pm, will be seen on the same day if there are slots available, otherwise next day service. Capacity for this emergency/admission avoidance clinic is limited and we may have to prioritise appointments.

The clinic takes place at Respiratory out-patients, Level 2, Queens Building, Bristol Royal Infirmary.

For further advice or information please contact the Respiratory Nurse Specialists on telephone number 0117 3424101 or Fax number 0117 342 2921