REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Non-invasive Ventilation (NIV) Service

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Service Overview

The NIV service provides assessment for and set up of non-invasive ventilation for patients in Bristol, Weston, Bath and the surrounding area. The service provides NIV devices to patients at BRI, RUH, WGH, NBT, etc. as part of teh planned discharge of the patient following acute admission of respiratory failure as well as direct non-acute referrals.

On-going management is then provided by a multi-disciplinary team of physiologists and a clinical scientist, physiotherapists and respiratory physicians.

Referral Guidance

Patients with suspected nocturnal hypoventilation/ type two respiratory failure can be referred for assessment (including overnight oximetry, lung function testing and overnight sleep studies).

Refer to the full NIV Pathway (word doc).

Referrals to this service should be emailed using the NIV Loan Form (word doc) to