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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways


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  • exclude pregnancy
  • advise alternative contraception
  • perform an ultrasound scan
  • consider the use of emergency contraception

If the IUC is confirmed to be within the uterine cavity reassure and leave the device in situ until due to be removed. For removal, refer to Unity Sexual Health Clinic's LARC clinic. See the LARC Proforma referral template. Please note an ultrasound scan report dated within 6 months of referral is required to ensure that the IUD/IUS is in situ and must accompany the referral.

Emergency contraception

Copper-bearing intrauterine device (IUD) can be offered as first-line choice of emergency contraception to all women, particularly if the woman intends to continue the IUD as long-term contraception. Can be inserted up to 5 days following unprotected sexual intercourse

See the Emergency IUD referral form.

For further advice see the Contraception section of Remedy.

Referral Guidance - Insertion/Removal of IUD

Intrauterine coils should be fitted and removed by primary care (including sexual health clinics) and not secondary care unless the criteria in the funding policy are met.

To refer to Unity Sexual Health complete the LARC Proforma referral template.

Please note that Unity are unable to insert IUS for gynaecological reasons alone e.g. postmenopausal endometrial protection or heavy menstrual bleeding in a woman who has been sterilised - these patients require gynaecology referral