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Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)

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SARC - Overview

The Bridge SARC is available for anyone affected by rape or serious sexual assault and provides adults, children and families with access to emotional, psychological, medical and practical help.

The Bridge is a single point of access for these children, adults and families to the healing and recovery services that they need. The SARC has specially trained doctors and crisis workers who care for children or adults affected by rape or serious sexual assault. Specialist staff ensure they are provided with all of the recovery support that they need. The SARC’s staff also support children or adults to access medical care or have a forensic examination, explaining what this involves and what the options are. Where the police are involved, SARC staff will help the client to access the support they need.

The Bridge is based at the Central Health Clinic in Bristol city centre, at the foot of the M32/M4/M5 corridor. In the adult service, self-referred help can be available without police involvement. Find out more about The Bridge at