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Foreign Body Removal

Checked: 29-11-2017 by Rob.Adams Next Review: 29-11-2018

Foreign Body Removal - NBT

***** Please note that this service is currently restricted and referrals are being rejected by this service. The Referral Service team are currently investigating alternative pathways for these patients (Oct 2018) ********


There is a foreign body clinic based at Southmead Hospital, run by the musculoskeletal radiologists, Dr Bradley and Dr Raj. They will remove them under ultrasound guidance. Please note that this is not an emergency service and capacity is limited so waiting times may be long.

Please fax the referral to 0117 414 9466, then telephone 0300 300 0089 to confirm receipt of the fax. Only referrals from medical professionals will be accepted.

Any further queries regarding the service, please call radiology secretaries on 0117 414 9007.