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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Plastic Surgery - Burns(adult)

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Burns - Adults

There is specialist burns unit at Southmead Hospital. Please see Referral Criteria for Adult Burns Unit.

This link also has advice on first aid treatment of burns and how to refer.

Please note that referrals for cosmetic treatment for scarring caused by burns cannot be made by GPs without individual funding in place. Please see the Cosmetic Surgery or Treatment Policy for details.


For urgent referrals telephone NBT switch (0117 905050) and ask for on call burns team.

Email advice and photos can be sent to:

For other burn wound advice please use one of the following contacts:

  • Adult burns unit, Gate 33a, level 2 telephone: 0117 4143100 or 0117 4143102
  • Acute Burns Clinic telephone: 0117 4144005
  • Karen Highway Adult Burns Specialist Nurse Bleep 1380 
  • Burns SHO on-call bleep 1311 or via switchboard.