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Urgent Urology Pathway - NBT

Checked: 04-04-2017 by katy.kearley Next Review: 04-10-2017

Service Overview

The following guidance is for GP's wanting to request urgent advice from the Urology team at North Bristol Trust:

  • If a GP phones in to request advice, the HUB will re direct them to our urology advice line.  GPs can phone this line directly.  The number for this is 0117 414 4958.  This is manned from 09.30-16.30 Monday - Friday.  The administrator will take the details and the on call consultant will call the GP back.  The advice line clinic runs on 3 days of the week and the administrator will let the GP know when they will be called back. 

  • The HUB will take calls about patients who may need admission.  Currently, these cases will still be discussed with the on call urology registrar (or surgical hospital at night team 12-7am) to agree the admission or potentially suggest an alternative.  Sometimes, the urology registrar may not be able to answer the call while the GP is waiting and if this is the case they will be asked to contact the GP as soon as possible to discuss the patient and then inform the HUB if the patient is to be admitted. 

  • The HUB will take calls and book appropriate patients into the urology HOT clinic which runs 7 days a week.  The HUB will inform the GP of the time slot for these patients.  Patients who are suitable for the HOT clinic are those who are ambulatory and are expected to be seen and discharged.