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Advice and Guidance Service

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Urology A&G - GP Care

For Bristol & South Glos. GP practices

The Urology A&G service run by GP Care is a platform to request advice on patients aged 18 years and older.

Please see the Urology A&G Steps (word doc) for guidance on how to submit a request via e-Referral

Service overview

North Somerset GP Practices


As part of the Planned Care programme it was agreed with the membership to run another pilot on ‘advice and guidance’ across Urology. This process will be carried out by Shire Health and will provide several benefits for referrers and patients.

What do practices need to do?

  • There is no change to the referral process for GP practices required to access the new advice and guidance service – urology referrals should continue to be sent to the Referral Support Service (RSS) as normal. Referrals will be directed by the RSS to the new advice and guidance service at Shire (2WW, Paediatric and vasectomy referrals should be sent directly to the Hospital as usual). Shire are happy to advise speedily as to whether 2ww is required, e.g. for PSA queries, haematuria queries etc.
  • Shire will respond within 72hrs (3 working days) with their recommendations and whether the patient could be managed in primary care with a management plan, or suggest that the patient needs to be seen/referred to the hospital.
  • The RSS will process the response to the advice and guidance request from shire and:
    • Forward to the hospital, on behalf of your GP practice, any patients where referral is recommended.
    • Return any referrals to the referring GP when there is a recommendation from Shire where the patient could be managed in primary care – the referring GP would be required to review this response and manage as appropriate.
    • Return the referral form asking for further details if Shire have not been given sufficient information to process the request.
  • For the few practices that do not use the RSS, the process will be discussed separately on an individual practice basis

For more information please see the Shire FAQ and flow chart below and use the Urology Referral Template to refer into this service.

NOTE: Please ensure the referral template is fully completed to help the advice team understand the issues, and decrease the need for requests for further information. Where appropriate, please add the referral template to your clinical system.

Shire FAQ

Shire Urology Advice and Guidance Process

Urgent Urology Advice

 Please see the Urgent Care and HOT Clinic page for details of the urgent urology advice line