REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Penile Disorders – General Guidance

Checked: 24-01-2017 by christopher.moloney Next Review: 28-12-2018

Penile Pain

Penile pain – if examination is normal and no evidence of Peyronies or urethral stricture then referral to urology usually unnecessary. Consider pain relief meds or psychosexual therapy.

Peyronies Disease

Peyronies disease can be self-limiting so only refer if the patient has had symptoms for at least 6 months. Vacuum pump therapy can be useful to prevent progression and may be considered as alternative to surgery in some men.  Peyronies can be associated with diabetes and this should be excluded.


In boys < 10 then this is usually physiogical and will resolve. In children >10 and adults then referral for circumcision is indicated. If the foreskin is just tight but is retractable then circumcision is usually not needed.  Circumcision for religious or cultural reasons if not routinely funded on the NHS.

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