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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways

Tier 1 Weight Management

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The weight management strategy across BNSSG is based on a Tiered approach with patients working through each tier in turn in order to help manage their weight.

Tier 1 Weight Management is community based and early intervention (self care). See links to local services below.

Tier 2 Weight Management is based in primary care and includes voucher schemes for slimming companies such as weight watchers and slimming world.

Tier 3 Weight Management is a criteria based access service for patients who have undertaken Tier 2 services.

Tier 4 - Bariatric Surgery is for suitable patients referred via the Tier 3 service (direct GP referral is not allowed).

Local Services

Tier 1 Weight management is a responsibility of public health and local councils. Various community based prevention and early intervention strategies are in place across the region and include self referrals into franchised slimming companies and referrals to health trainer services.

See local council websites for details:


South Gloucestershire

North Somerset

BNSSG CCG website also has links to various sources for exercise and keeping fit