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Suspected Bone & Soft Tissue Cancer

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Clinical Guidance

Patients with suspected soft tissue sarcoma should be referred to the Bristol Sarcoma Service for investigation and management at Southmead Hospital. This can be done via e-Referral using the 2ww Sarcoma function. Otherwise cases can be referred directly to the Multi Disciplinary Meeting for discussion.

Patients with suspected bone sarcoma should be referred to the Oxford Bone Sarcoma Service. See relevant section below.

Referral Guidance - NBT Soft Tissue Sarcoma Service

Suspected Sarcoma Referral Form.

Sarcoma MDT Referral Form.

At time of referral please issue the relevant patient information leaflet as below:

NBT's 2WW Patient Information Leaflet 

Summary - Oxford Bone Sarcoma Service

 The Oxford Sarcoma Service based at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford caters for adult BNSSG patients (aged 16 years and over) who meet the Bone and Soft Tissue Tumour Two Week Wait criteria.

The service offers consultation with diagnostics and onward referral for treatment as required.

Please see the website for the Oxford Sarcoma Service

 GPs wishing to discuss the referral should contact:

  • Daniel Woodley, Cancer Co-ordinator: 01865 738061

  • Vicky Wren, Cancer Nurse Specialist: 01865 738282 / via switchboard: 0300 304 7777 / Bleep 173

  • Wendy Perrin, Cancer Support Nurse: 01865 737861/ via switchboard: 0300 304 7777 / Bleep 221

  • Helen Stradling, Advanced Nurse Practitioner: 01865 227808

For children with suspected sarcoma please see Suspected Cancer - Children and Young People Sarcoma.


Referral Guidance - Oxford Sarcoma Service

Suspected Bone Sarcoma Referral Form.

Nice Guidelines

Refer to the NICE cancer guidelines 2015 for Sarcoma.