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Lung - 2WW

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Service Overview

Services provided by UHBristol at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and NBT at Southmead Hospital. The services are for patients who meet the Lung Cancer Two Week Wait criteria. The service offers consultation with diagnostics and onward referral for treatment as required.

At time of referral please issue the relevant patient information leaflet as below:

NBT's 2WW Patient Information Leaflet

UHB's 2WW Patient Information Leaflet.

WAHT 2WW Patient Information Leaflet

Principles of Management

Refer to the local pathway for Suspected Lung Cancer (PDF).

Direct referral to CT following abnormal CXR is now active at NBT and is being introduced at UHB and Weston in October 2018

Referral Guidance

Patients must meet the referral criteria as indicated on the BNSSG Lung Cancer Referral Form (word doc).

All patients referred on this form MUST have had a chest x-ray within the last 4 weeks. If no chest x-ray has been performed at time of referral please request urgently to be performed before referral.

Patients must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Signs of superior vena cava obstruction.

  • Stridor.

  • Persistent haemoptysis (in smokers or ex-smokers 40 years or older)

  • Chest x-ray suggestive or lung cancer (including pleural effusion and slowly resolving consolidation).

  • Normal chest x-ray with high suspicion of lung cancer.

  • History of asbestos exposure and recent onset of chest pain, shortness of breath or unexplained systemic symptoms where a chest x-ray indicates pleural effusion, pleural mass or any suspicious lung pathology.

Please also refer to the CKS Guidelines on the recognition and referral of Lung Cancer.